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The Hyperledger Project is an open source collaborative project between financial institutions and technology companies to advance blockchain technology and create an open standard

Country: USA Year: 2015 Concept: Unveiled in December 2015, the Hyperledger project (HLP) is a collaborative effort started by the Linux Foundation which involves financial services, technology companies and blockchain startups (incl. Digital Asset Holdings, IBM and the R3 consortium among others). The project’s objective is to create an open source, cross-industry, modular distributed ledger […]

Bitmain manufactures Bitcoin mining hardware and provides mining pools for both businesses and individuals

Bitmain is a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware and software such as computing chips, high density server equipment, cloud hashing services, mining pools, and custom solutions for blockchain applications for businesses and individuals. Bitmain has customers in over 100 countries. Three product lines are available.