SafeMotos connects customers to safer motorcycle taxis across Africa

Country: Rwanda Year: 2014 Concept SafeMotos is a motorcycle taxi service application (available on Android and iOS) that tracks drivers’ behaviour to identify if they are safe or not Taxi drivers are equipped with smartphone-enabled telematics (accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope) from which data is extracted and analysed to identify their habits (acceleration, breaking and top […]

InsurETH runs smart contracts on the Ethereum platform to automate insurance claims and refund in case of flight delays or cancellations

InsurETH built a flight insurance product at the London Blockchain Hackathon in 2015 that lets users insure their flight directly with an Ethereum smart contract. Unlike motor insurance for car accidents, flight delays or cancellations claims do not need additional assessment and can be based on public data.

Silverfinch connects asset managers and insurers through a fund data utility in a secured and controlled environment to meet the requirements of Solvency II

Silverfinch is a secure fund data utility that allows insurers to comply with Solvency II regulation, and enables asset managers to manage and carry out requested look-through and respond to their insurance company investors in a timely and controlled fashion.

Rigs tailor-made for GoPros are launched by several companies to ally 360° videos and the best image quality among action cameras available on the market

Several companies such as Freedom360, 360Heros, Kolor and GoPro, develop mounts and frames that hold several GoPro cameras (from 6 to 16, Hero3/3+/4) to record videos that can be stitched via software into a full spherical 360° video, compatible with 360° video platforms (YouTube 360, Facebook, etc.). Cameras are controlled via the GoPro Wi-Fi remote.