Property and casualty insurance

Asia Risk Transfer Solution (ARTS) is developing a B2B solution to deliver disaster insurance products for farmers in Asia to protect them against natural catastrophe and livelihood risks

ARTS allows insurance companies to create parametric-trigger based insurance products that are simple to understand, affordable in pricing and transparent in payout conditions

FangDD, a real estate platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers through property brokers with a pay-for-performance revenue model

Digitization has a tremendous impact in the transactional industry, including real estate. While other industry players focus on generating advertising revenue for listings, FangDD has adopted a pay-for-performance model which charges commission only if a property transaction has completed.

Brolly is UK’s first artificial intelligence-powered insurance application which helps users choose the best insurance policy on the market

Brolly is a personal insurance concierge which informs customers about their insurance policies, with features such as alerts on the level of insurance (over or under-insured), missing or duplicates insurance covers. Brolly also acts as an insurance comparator helping the customer to get the best price on a given insurance.