Position Papers

CH&Co’s Health Insurance Connectivity Benchmark

With the rise in popularity of wearables and health tracking devices, a new opportunity remains for health care and insurance providers to create customer-centric solutions. All parties, including wearable manufacturers and startups, should work towards a unified goal of eliminating inefficiencies, rewarding wellness activities, and creating an overall healthier future. This will not only benefit […]

Preparing for the next steps of blockchain – CH&Co @ EIC16

CH&Co was invited to deliver a keynote about blockchain at the European Identity & Cloud conference in Munich last week. It was a great experience and we want to thank the organizers Kuppinger Cole and Joerg Resch for the opportunity. Our expert Sebastien Meunier had great conversations with specialists in Identity & Cybersecurity, and met with Blockchain firms […]


Execution algos Electronic trading started to mass-develop in the ‘80s across asset-classes, and accounts today for a vastly dominant portion of the overall trading activity. As trading volumes increased and more electronic markets progressively opened, investors requested improved execution capabilities by controlling execution cost and market risk, and the business of execution algos took off […]


Over the last few years, Big Data has been mentioned everywhere, and the involvement of Wall Street institutions in the deployment of Big Data solutions or in the financing of new ventures seems to be accelerating. But what exactly is Big Data in the context of Capital Markets?   What does Big Data mean for […]