CoinPip uses blockchain technology to provide enterprises a faster and cheaper way to transfer money internationally.

Singapore-based Fintech startup CoinPip utilizes blockchain technology to simplify enterprise fund transfers, and avoids additional costs such as Forex charges. Backed by Silicon Valley-based seed fund and accelerator 500 Startups, CoinPip has already acquired 600+ users and have made over US $1 million in transactions since its official launch in March 2015.

The Hyperledger Project is an open source collaborative project between financial institutions and technology companies to advance blockchain technology and create an open standard

Country: USA Year: 2015 Concept: Unveiled in December 2015, the Hyperledger project (HLP) is a collaborative effort started by the Linux Foundation which involves financial services, technology companies and blockchain startups (incl. Digital Asset Holdings, IBM and the R3 consortium among others). The project’s objective is to create an open source, cross-industry, modular distributed ledger […]

DXMarkets, a Singapore-based startup, offers a revolutionary trading platform to individuals and institutional investors alike

Country: Singapore Year: 2014 Launched in 2014, DXMarkets is a Singapore-based Fintech company that offers an innovative way for everyone to trade digital currencies. The company currently operates in both Singapore and the UK region. The platform leverages Blockchain technology to disrupt typical financial processes. Current product offering includes front-to-back settlement systems, digitization of illiquid […]

InsurETH runs smart contracts on the Ethereum platform to automate insurance claims and refund in case of flight delays or cancellations

InsurETH built a flight insurance product at the London Blockchain Hackathon in 2015 that lets users insure their flight directly with an Ethereum smart contract. Unlike motor insurance for car accidents, flight delays or cancellations claims do not need additional assessment and can be based on public data.