DXMarkets, a Singapore-based startup, offers a revolutionary trading platform to individuals and institutional investors alike

Country: Singapore Year: 2014 Launched in 2014, DXMarkets is a Singapore-based Fintech company that offers an innovative way for everyone to trade digital currencies. The company currently operates in both Singapore and the UK region. The platform leverages Blockchain technology to disrupt typical financial processes. Current product offering includes front-to-back settlement systems, digitization of illiquid […]

InsurETH runs smart contracts on the Ethereum platform to automate insurance claims and refund in case of flight delays or cancellations

InsurETH built a flight insurance product at the London Blockchain Hackathon in 2015 that lets users insure their flight directly with an Ethereum smart contract. Unlike motor insurance for car accidents, flight delays or cancellations claims do not need additional assessment and can be based on public data.

Bitspark, a Hong Kong fintech, operates a cash-in cash-out platform leveraging Bitcoin to offer remittance services in Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam

Country: Hong Kong Year: 2014 Launched in November 2014, Bitspark offers a web-based platform for licensed money remittance businesses. The platform uses bitcoin for its international network to send, receive and manage remittance services globally. Bitspark also provides clients with customer due diligence, storing historical data and detailed analytics services to evaluate and enhance their […], a Philippines-based bitcoin remittance service, charging 0% on transfers

Country: Philippines Year: 2014 Founded in 2014, is a Philippines-based company offering international money transfers, bills payments and prepaid loads via Bitcoin.  The platform let users send money from everywhere from the world with no fee charged on money transfer. Apart from individual transfers, its delivery options also include forwarding to most local banks, as […]

Dynamis is a smart contract for unemployment insurance, running on the Ethereum platform and using data from social networks

Dynamis has created an Ethereum-based P2P supplementary unemployment insurance protocol which uses policy holders’ social capital to replace risk underwriters. LinkedIn is used as an reputation system (oracle), facilitating the approval of applications for new policies and the approval of claims.

Chain is a provider of blockchain technology solutions for financial institutions so that they can launch their own blockchain-based products or services

Chain is a platform enabling financial institutions to create, issue, store and streamline the processing of buying and selling assets (foreign currencies, stocks, corporate bonds, etc.) on private blockchain networks. Chain is based on the Bitcoin protocol and can be used with other cryptocurrencies.

BitOcean produces two-way Bitcoin ATMs, so that users can sell and buy Bitcoins even without holding a Bitcoin wallet

BitOcean produces Bitcoin ATMs through which users can buy and sell Bitcoins. To sell Bitcoins, users send Bitcoins from their wallet to the ATM and receive cash in local currency. To buy the users do not need a Bitcoin wallet and can receive their Bitcoins through a paper wallet. Transaction confirmations are done via email, SMS or telephone.

Bitmain manufactures Bitcoin mining hardware and provides mining pools for both businesses and individuals

Bitmain is a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware and software such as computing chips, high density server equipment, cloud hashing services, mining pools, and custom solutions for blockchain applications for businesses and individuals. Bitmain has customers in over 100 countries. Three product lines are available.