Blockchain/DLT has created an Ethereum blockchain-based locking system to provide people with the opportunity for decentralized sharing of everyday objects designs locks controlled by smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain so that users can open them with money transfer via their smartphone. has set up a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to fund and operate its service.

Fidor Bank is a community bank offering bitcoin options to its customers as part of normal banking operations

Fidor, a 100% online and mobile bank available in Germany and the UK, aims at offering its customers innovative services adapted to the digital age. Fidor has 80,000+ full KYC customers and 320 M€ in deposits as of 2014. It also integrates a community of 300,000 users rewarded based on their activity (product reviews and discussions, where one of the most popular ones is around cryptocurrencies), and is a bitcoin-friendly bank.

Factom is a blockchain-based record verification and auditing infrastructure provider for highly regulated companies

Factom is a data management software provider for industries to record and secure their sensitive data through the use of blockchain since it ensures a permanent, time-stamped record of data. In May 2015, Factom has partnered with the government of Honduras to build a permanent and secure land title record system.

Magnr enables bitcoin trading and wealth management for digital currencies by creating the world’s first blockchain-based bitcoin Savings Accounts

Magnr is both a trading platform called Magnr Trading that allows users to make leveraged trades on the value of Bitcoin and a saving bitcoin system called Magnr Savings that allows users to earn interest on their bitcoin deposits according to a monthly basis calculated using blockchain’s public ledger (based on how much and how long users save).