WEALTH connects high-net-worth individuals with suitable wealth managers through its proprietary algo-based matching platform

Country: Singapore Year: 2015         WEALTH is the Singaporean sister service of the London-based, which provides matching services to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and wealth managers through its proprietary online portal. Since the matchmaker’s launch in 2012, it has helped HNWIs invest more than US$ 1.5 billion with the wealth managers in […]

Amareos is an intelligent analysis solution of financial information based on quantification of market sentiments

Amareos is an application that provides financial markets information to better advise users on their investments. The application analyses data from social media and news articles to provide market sentiment (fear, joy etc.). The analytics and market sentiments services are provided to a wide range of clients such as large financial organizations, private banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and help clients find new insights.

Ironfly Technologies: a revolutionary trading platform applying neuroscience and cognitive psychology

Country: Hong Kong Year: 2013 Founded by 2 biomedical scientists, Ironfly Technologies offers a trading platform with instant insights into real-time market data. The platform applies the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make the real-time data fast, intuitive and visual for asset managers and investment dealers. Ironfly Technologies was one of the seven start-ups […]

WeCash, China’s first online credit rating platform leveraging big data to provide credit solutions

Country: China Year: April, 2014 Founded in 2014, WeCash is the first online credit assessment platform that provides solutions for technology companies. WeCash leverages machine-learning algorithms to assess credit scores in less than 15 minutes. By mining about 600 million mobile users’ data, WeCash is able to quickly provide extensive credit scoring service and build customized solutions for […]

Be Parent is a digital coach delivering customized advice to support parents in managing their children’s health & development

Be Parent is both a website and an application that provides pregnant women and parents with children under 6 with personalized health prevention information (nutrition, sleep, care), advice on the child’s development and education, practical advice (health expenses reimbursement, social regulation, etc.), and eventually orientation to the right professional.