ThetaRay offers a breakthrough in anomaly detection, employing big data analysis to automatically detect financial risks in real time

Founded in 2012, ThetaRay’s founders developed mathematical algorithms to identify different types of threats, by analyzing massive amounts of data across multiple environments, systems and sources to signal suspicious transactions and patterns.

Google will soon launch auto insurance in the US, and is already licensed to sell insurance in 26 states on behalf of six insurers

Google is aggressively building its access to insurers both directly and via partnership. The deal with CompareNow gives Google access to roughly 30 insurers, including many of the biggest insurers in California and Texas – the nation’s largest auto insurance markets.

Fidelity Worldwide is focusing its strategy on UX with everyone responsible for digital reporting to the Head of Business Dev. And Strategy, while also setting up an Excellence Center

Fidelity Worldwide has a special focus on investing in 21st century themes that they believe will influence markets in the medium to long term, including digital disruption, Internet of Things and Big Data.