WeCash, China’s first online credit rating platform leveraging big data to provide credit solutions

Country: China Year: April, 2014 Founded in 2014, WeCash is the first online credit assessment platform that provides solutions for technology companies. WeCash leverages machine-learning algorithms to assess credit scores in less than 15 minutes. By mining about 600 million mobile users’ data, WeCash is able to quickly provide extensive credit scoring service and build customized solutions for […]

Cuvva provides instant and hourly car insurance, so that users are covered according to the actual duration of car usage

Cuvva has launched a mobile app (to date iOS only) that enables occasional drivers to get a quote and subscribe an hourly car insurance instantly. Eligible vehicles must already be covered by a regular annual policy and the driver must be over 21. Cuvva relies on the data provided by the driver: the information is verified by the insurer in the case of a claim.