Betterment is the largest independent online financial advisor with more than $9 billion in assets under management.

Betterment has revamped its pricing and added two new service levels that offer investors access to financial advisors. The company now has three plan options: Betterment Digital, its legacy offering, doesn’t have an account minimum and charges 0.25%. Betterment Plus and Betterment Premium provide tiered access to financial advisors in exchange for higher fees and account minimums.

LaFinBox is a new app using API that offers a full-view of your financials and assets

The app LaFinBox, created by the startup CrossQuantum (a JV between SwissLife and the Fintech Budget Insight), enables its users to get a quick full-view of their financials and their assets. Through an API, it collects the data of different types of placements in various banks and institutions

Investivity is a boutique B2B Invesment Manager combined with a digital portfolio management system aimed at a wide range of investors

Investivity is a combination of classical asset allocation and financial instruments with advanced technological tools. It offers risk management, tactical investing, fund replication, delegated advisory, while label research and investing decision tools

Smartly is a robo-advisory platform targeted at the Southeast Asian millennial market that aims to simplify and educate users about financial investments

Smartly is a robo-advisory platform that allows the average individual to invest and grow their wealth starting with as little as $50, and promises to be more than an algorithm-based automated platform, providing users with financial education and greater transparency