KBC Asset Management’s spinoff wealth-management technology, “EveryoneInvested” is now available as a Mastercard feature for micro-investment use in European banks. Through a collaboration between KBC and Mastercard, European bank customers will be able to invest small amounts of their spare money.

What Makes the “EveryoneInvested” Wealthtech Different from Other Micro-Investment Tools?

KBC’s parent company Belgian bank KBC Group has actually been offering their customers the option of automatically using their digital payment systems in creating a regular investment plan.

The wealthtech “EveryoneInvested” was created by the KBC Group in order to sell the digital investing technology to other Belgian companies and institutions. The collaboration with Mastercard will allow the Belgian bank to bring it to European markets,

The difference that sets the “EveryoneInvested” collaboration from other providers of micro-investing services is that it eliminates the need for customers to link various apps to their individual accounts.The EveryoneInvested” technology makes the process easier, especially for financial institutions outside of Belgium as it can be integrated in their mobile app.

Managing director of the technology Jurgen Vandenbroucke, MD, has made it their goal to make investing accessible for everyone by lowering the barriers, So far the KBC Group has achieved success in providing such service.

What Exactly is Micro- Investing?

“Micro-investing” is a term that refers to saving by depositing and then investing money small sums into an investment account. Micro-investing services tend to vary as different platforms and companies use various investment strategies along with the products offered for small investments.