Anyone who founds, manages or takes over a company has to deal with many legal regulations. These establish far-reaching rights but also numerous obligations. A breach of duty can have serious consequences. With a business lawyer from as a consultant, you are on the safe side.

 A lawyer specializing in commercial law offers competent support

Business law forms the legal basis of economic policy. As such, it matters to all parties involved in economic life. Nevertheless, there is no uniform, specific body of law. The matter combines provisions from private law and public law and is made up of a wide variety of disciplines.

These regulate the relationships between the cantons, the state and companies as well as the relationships between companies, customers and employees among and with one another. The most important areas of business law include:

  • Employment Law
  • Banking law
  • Stock exchange law
  • Merger and takeover law
  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Capital market law
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy law
  • Tax law
  • Contract law

Commercial criminal law

For the layman, the multitude of legal bases quickly turns out to be confusing. A lawyer keeps an overview for you. He knows the legal situation and offers you comprehensive advice and support on all relevant issues. The experienced lawyer often accompanies companies and companies on a long-term basis. He observes changes in the markets and adjusts his clients to changing legal framework conditions.

What distinguishes a business lawyer

The fact that business law encompasses so many disciplines makes it a very difficult area of ​​law. The operational and entrepreneurial activity affects a number of legal areas and is associated with a high risk of disputes and conflicts. Legal issues can arise from a wide variety of situations. Often they cover sensitive issues. Then the answer not only requires strategic thinking, but also a sure instinct.

A lawyer specializing in commercial law knows that every legal request requires a tailor-made solution. He puts himself in the shoes of his clients, takes individual needs into account and weighs various options up against each other. The experienced lawyer always acts in your favour. He deals with your concerns in a committed, fair and economically sensible manner. In challenging situations, he will find a suitable approach to protect your interests.