Going to court is often the last resort to resolve a dispute. In addition to the chances of success, the question of litigation costs and litigation risk is the most frequently asked question. What many consumers don’t know is that the risk of high legal costs can be redistributed.

Los Angeles Injury Attorney: Legal costs and risks involved in court proceedings

In a dispute before a court, the plaintiff has to pay court costs and extrajudicial costs.Los Angeles Injury Attorney

Court costs include all costs related to the work of the court. On the one hand, these are the fees incurred by the court. On the other hand, these are expenses for private reports or experts, compensation for witnesses and costs for telecommunications.

The fee for your own and opposing lawyers is part of the out-of-court costs.

Before the trial begins, the plaintiff must pay an advance on court costs. Only then does the court take action. Expenses on the part of the plaintiff are therefore to be expected even before the start of the process.

With a judgment, the court then decides who will bear the entire legal costs. If successful, they will refund the advance payment. In the event of a defeat, the loser bears the legal costs and the costs for the opposing lawyer.

For this reason, good and comprehensive advice from a competent and suitable Los Angeles Injury Attorney is essential before the process begins.

Los Angeles Injury Attorney Litigation funding: various options at a glance

Anyone who cannot or does not want to bear the costs of a legal dispute alone has various options to avoid their own litigation risk. In addition to self-financing, there are:

  • Legal protection insurance
  • Legal aid
  • Contingency fees for attorneys and the
  • Commercial litigation funding
  • Private legal protection insurance

In the case of private legal protection insurance, the insurer pays legal and court costs directly in a legal dispute. The lawyer usually takes care of obtaining the cover note from the legal protection insurance. In this case, there is usually only a minimal deductible, which the opponent must pay if the attempt is successful.