Mastercard’s global launch of its Biometric Checkout Program marks the elevation of new standards in payment innovations through a biometric-powered system. The program is built on EMVCo 3DS, a payment ecosystem for merchants, payment service providers and financial institutions.

Built with end-to-end risk and fraud management solutions, biometri-powered devices, wearable or payment cards enable consumers to shop and pay through biometric-powered payment cards, devices or wearables by just presenting themselves instore or online. ID verification systems replace password with “selfie pay,” as the program leverages the standards of a a Fast Identity Online (fido) online authentication capabilities.

Mastercard has been a pioneer in the use of biometrics as a secure way of verifying customer identity for instore and online transactions. Prior to its global launch, Mastercard made sure that the Biometric Checkout Program adheres to the company’s principles for data responsibility, whilst reinforcing customers’ right to control how their personal information is shared and only if they wiil benefit from allowing data sharing

How to Access Mastercard’s Biometric Checkout Program

Consumers and merchants looking to participate in Mastercard’s Biometric Checkout Program can enroll enroll through Mastercard’s proprietary identity app, while biometric checkout services provider can have the app installed in their store’s payment systems. After verifying the correctness of their bill customers pay either by waving their hand over a reader, or smiling into a camera.

The benefits of the program to merchants include faster processing of transactions, heightened security and hygiene and shorter lines at checkout counters.