Bitcoins are the latest craze in digital currency and many investors and traders alike jumped in the bandwagon. Fact is, any exchange market trades Bitcoins or BTC. However, before you started doing so, let me remind you that it is quite a risk. Yes it is true that you can earn big sum of money in the process but, if you are being careless and mindless with your decisions, you can actually lose twice as much of your potential earnings. Thus, it is imperative to be cautious before making your next steps.

BTC is Synonymous to Real Money

To give you a better idea about BTC, it is actually a currency like real money but in digital form. It can be saved, invested on and spent. Cryptocurrencies has once circulated the market and huge interests of people have paved way for the rise of Bitcoin.

This trend started way back in 2009 by an anonymous person with a handle of “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Since then, BTC gained track and from the starting rate of just $2, it jumped quickly to $266. This had happened in just a short span of time from February to April.

A process called mining is used to generate Bitcoin which uses powerful and complex computer algorithms otherwise known as Blocks.

Three Ways of Generating Bitcoins

The moment when a block is decrypted, you are rewarded with 50 BTC. Normally, solving single problem is time consuming process, potentially it can take you a year or more. Don’t worry if you are not mathematically gifted. There are many other methods of getting BTCs. You will learn more about this as you read on.

  1. First is by directly buying BTCs where you simply exchange physical money for it much like any other normal transactions. It’s straightforward.
  2. Another way of having BTCs is by becoming a player in BTC market. A clear-cut way is to purchase a dedicated computer, install mining software and begin decrypting blocks. While this process is fairly easy, be ready for its turtle-like progress.
  3. You can go right to the market and find dependable and trustworthy Bitcoin exchanges. But before you make BTCs, you first have to sign up and create an account. This keeps you updated with all working and hottest Bitcoin stocks. You may trade BTCs at any trading platform online. If you want to learn more about this approach, you may simply visit

There are many opportunities in getting Bitcoins. However, it’s best that you allot time understanding it first to really make the most of what you’re doing.